Fave. Quotes : Presentation, Presentation

So yesterday and today have been all about Presentation. Starting off yesterday with “The Big Black Bug Bit the Big Black Bear made the Big Black Bear Bleed Blood” tongue-twister in front of half the LOC employees, each employee challenged themselves to be the best presenter they can be. With Ms. Aliyah  from the Enterprise center leading the activities and all LOC employees encouraging and constructively criticizing each others performance, all three groups had a fun and educative time. Today, half the group gathered once more in the University City High School auditorium, and each employee once more was given the chance to come up and present. Today, we did the alphabets and the months, with students coming up and presenting these, practicing presentation skills. This was then followed by actual rehearsals of our final presentations. It was an all-round great learning experience for everyone.


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