Fave. Quotes: LOC @ Drexel

OMG LOC is over! And I, and all the other Assistant/Team leaders,  am so proud of all the students who walked onto Drexel’s campus prepared, and blew away an audience of notables with the work they had done this past six weeks.

Team A presented first at Drexel University. The students showed exceptional courage and charisma in standing in front of the stage, presenting their definition of  Leaders of Change and research on their 2×2  block communities. They presented their views, challenges and experience on their community, specifically highlighting the need for more recreation from their research. Team Achievement did a great Job going first.
Team E came up and presented their issues on safety. Students engaged in necessary conversation about the police in their respective communities, and its relationship with the people. Town watches were proposed with the aid of the community members.
Team Freedom then presented their community and the issues faced by their community. They carefully analyzed issues of safety, waste and recycling, food access, community business and recreational centers. Though waste and recycling was their initial issue, from interviews they found that moves had been made to address this problem, and as such, refocused on recreational issues. This resolve was a brilliant display of flexibility among the other Keys of Excellence team F shared with us.
At the end of the day, comments such as  “I will help you present your ideas to the mayor,” were floating around, telling our students that their hard work had paid of, and displaying the commitment of our community members to philadelphia and its youth. The next day, Team Bee Positive, Team C and Team D presented their issues in a similarly exemplary format. It was clear to see from the presentations that LOC had truly produced Leaders of Change.

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