Brenda Thomas’ Week 2 Reflection

My team is called Move Out Gang and our job is to talk to our peers about college. In order to find information on our peers  we go around different parts of the city. The peers  we interview are the ages 14 to 19. We ask them questions that we came up with on are own as a group. We also deciding on where we are going to find are peers at.We decided to go to these places by voting where we think we’re going to find are peers. Some of the places were the Franklin Institute and the Art Museum.
We also walked to Center City yesterday,  which was July 12th. During this week  I  broke some barriers by talking to strangers. This took a lot of work, but now I found out that I do not quit easily.  I think it was kind of fun. But some people can be rude. Still, we have to overcome and get the work done! There are even some people that have thoughts that college is worthless and a waste of time. One of the people I surveyed said college isn’t for everyone. Advocating is having youth speak up for themselves. In a way, everybody that we surveyed was advocating by telling us what they think about college.

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