Di’Quan Taylor’s Week 2 Reflection

During week 2 in Leaders of Change we were told that this was the week that we were going to talk to our peers for the first time. We also did a lot of group activities and found ways to make our team chant better. We also talk about what to do if someone was rude to you when we go out to talk to our peers. We practice how to approach someone. For example we were told to have good body language give people their personal place. We also were told to give eye contact and tell the person your name,where you are from and that we are researching about college access.Then we also picked the places that we wanted to go to for example we pick Cherry Hill Mall, K.O.P Mall, Art museum and many more. And yesterday we walk from the school to all the way to Center City. We found a lot of people that would take our survey and we also found some people that were rude and disrespectful but we did the right thing by just walking away. Finally I believe that we got a lot work done by getting so many idea’s on what we want to learn in Leaders of Change this summer.

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