Glen Casey’s Week 2 Reflection

Our LOC team name is Move Out Gang and our job is to go out outside and collect data from our peers through surveys and interviews about college access. The main point of LOC is to help people overcome obstacles in order to go college. We call overcoming these obstacles “Breaking Barriers”.  Our goal is to find out what other people don’t know about the college process and create a presentation​on based on the information​ collected. A lot of people find the college process to be very difficult and confusing. Therefore,  a lot of people don’t go to college, and we want to change that. Since the start of LOC, we have came up with a team chant, strategized on what we are going to do, and discussed key ideas about college and the process of getting there.  We have also talked about the different themes of the college access  which include experiences in education, advocating for yourself, social and cultural capital, and access to information about financial aid. We looked at these themes because they are essential to the college process and you must know these things when you begin.

Working with LOC so far has been fun, thought provoking, and informative​.  We played a couple of games with our group and have Harambe every morning. Harambe is a saying for “We Gather Here”, and we sing it as a group.

Our team came up with 8 spots across the city to survey our peers. During this week we  practiced the correct ways of approaching​ a person on the street for information​ and we actually went out around the school and applied what we learned . Also we went out for the first time to a couple of the sites we came up with such as the Art Museum, Parkway, and Center City. Our experience​s with going out was fun but difficult at the same time. We had to face the different personalities, some good some  and some bad. But in the end we all had fun with each other. I hope that I can continue with these experiences in order to take another step in helping to change the world .

Glen Casey – Leader of Change 2012


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