Charles Thomas’s Week 3 Reflection

Quantum Learning

This experience was about advocating for yourself. This experience helped me figure out a goal I would like to reach, which is attending Delaware State University(DSU) in 2013. Quantum Learning also had me find a barrier that would prevent me from my goal, which is dropping out of school. This shows me if I want to achieve this goal, I have to work pass this Barrier.

Some key lessons I learned were how to introduce an issue or a problem by using the O.T.F.D method. This is your Observations of the issue, your Thoughts of the problem, your Feelings about it, and what you Desire or what you want. Another was How to react to an issue or problem by using A.A.M.R method. This shows you Acknowledging your situation, Apologizing for it, Making it right, and Re-committing. What I remember from this situation is that you can always make any problem,Situation,Issue right by using this method.

The Other key lesson I learned were The Affinity Activity. This is a three question activity. The three questions were Tell me something I don’t know about you? Tell me something you like about me? Tell me something we may have in common?. This Activity will help me in the future because I will be attending a college that is not near home. This will help me meet new people on and off college campus.


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