Khaliq Brown’s Week 3 Reflection

This week was quantum learning week . My Favorite activity this week was AAMR . AAMR stands for Acknowledge Apologize Make it right Re-Commit . This is my favorite activity because I’m not very good at apologizing . I usually don’t apologize after a situation because I know I’m quick at the lip and think everyone will understand . So I never had to really know what’s a correct way to apologize but , now i know a way I can apologize and re-commit, but this helps me by giving me an outline for an apology and a way not to loose my friends (which I have lost many behind).

Something I remember from this week is 7’s . I went home and taught my sister and my cousin how to play . We sat on my block for about 2 hours trying to get them to get it down packed , but slowly and surely they got it . Now they want to play it all the time. It was a fun game to learn and teach how to play.

I also learned about the 8 keys:, Balance , Speak With Purpose , Flexibility , etc . But my favorite key is speak with purpose , only because usually I don’t , but it means to speak only when you mean what you’re about to say and its a purpose . There are examples of people knowing how to advocate for themselves because it teaches me how communicate with other people successfully with an apology . All and all this week was not only fun but educational


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