Aleisha Smith’s Week 4 Reflections

This week in L.O.C. we had to interview our co-workers and our co-workers had to interview us. In my interview Glen and Adam ask me how did L.O.C help me with so far. I described my interview with Glen an Adam as very helpful. The L.O.C helped me break my barrier of being shy and not always speaking up my opinions.For example, when we are having group talks, I didn’t always speak up to say how I think things should happen, now I do that. In the past, when we would have to give out surveys I would be very nervous. Now I have broken that barrier and go out there and get the information we need.
Some very important questions I was asked was, what kind of questions do we have on our survey also what is FAFSA and what are some things that people really didn’t know that we ask. These questions are good questions because lots of people dodn’t understand what FAFSA is and in my interview I explain it in a good way so that my peers can understand. Also how a lot of my peers didn’t know what a G.P.A was. I explain this during my interview. My interview mainly talk about how my week was out in the areas we went to, to interview our peers. This week been interesting and I’ve broke many barriers due to the L.O.C.


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