Brenda Thomas’ Week 3 Reflection

This experience with Quantum Learning was about learning how to step outside of your comfort zone.

Some key lessons I learned were flexibility,commitment,and balance. These key lessons tell me how to give my best effort in succeeding my career goals. My favorite activity was called  “Unwrap Your Potential”. You will never know your potential unless you try a different strategy. In order to show us this, Craig from Quantum Learning told us to place the candy he had given us on our lap while we hold up our ten fingers.Then we had to take away our fingers if Craig said anything that we can relate to. For example he said, “if you ever did anything wrong then you must take a finger away”. But then he offered us the  opportunity to put a finger up every time if he said anything that we had succeeded in. After that we had to try and use our fingers that we have left to unwrap the candy. One of the 8 keys that I would teach someone else about is balance. If you stop worrying about what others people say or think about you, then you can focus on what are meaningful and important choices in your life.

This activity taught us how to find differents way to break a barrier. For example, Shad Helmstetter once said “Choosing to live your life by your own choice is the greatest freedom you will ever have”. What I remember from this situation is don’t ever let anything or someone get in your way from reaching your goals.


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