Glen Casey’s Week 3 Reflection

During this week with Leaders Of Change Quantum Learning spent 3 days with us, and we had so much fun with them.  There were two facilitators name Patrice & Craig who taught us about the 8 keys to success through elementary games and activities. These 8 keys to success are crucial to being successful in life and achieving you goals. They are “Integrity,  Failure Leads to Success, Speak with good purpose, This is it, Commitment, Ownership, Flexibility, and Balance”.

While Quantum Learning was here I made the most out of all of the time we spent together by being active and engaged in all of the activities that they did with us.  On the first day that they came everyone introduced themselves to each other, and we played a few games as an icebreaker.  In the begining they wanted everyone to be involved, so for me I felt a little awkward because I am not use to being active and involved with the other LOC teams, but by the end I felt a lot more comfortable with participating in front of everyone.  Also we all talked about our goals, dreams, what obstacles we may come across while achieving them, the skills we need to gain, and how to utilize them in the future.

One of the obstacles we went over was beating fimage. Fimage is when you fear doing what you love or have a passion for because you’re scared of what others are going to think of you. Having fimage also means that you  have doubt in yourself. I learned that  in order to beat fimage you have to practice stepping out of your comfort zone because the more things you do what doesn’t feel comfortable , the more you are going to be comfortable with it.  In order to be successful, you have to be prepared for anything, and overcoming fimage is a big step in preparing yourself for whatever. Personally, I can connect myself to fimage because all of my life I cared about what other people thought of me, and getting involved by doing things like presentations, and speaking to crowds of people has really helped me overcome that obstacle.

A few skills we went over were some from the 8 Keys to Success such as “This is It” and “Balance”.  We split up into four groups and created skills with our co-workers and performed them in front of everyone.  My teams skit was “This is it” , and the skit was about me being scared and nervous about going to this interview and then I have this realization of me having to make the best out of that moment.  In that moment I had to see that the interview can potentially get me where I want to be and I have to take full advantage of that by being confident in myself, rather than being scared. Performing this skit really helped me personally because I learned exactly what a “This Is it” moment would feel like.


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