Glen Casey’s Week 4 Reflection

In this interview Mr.Uthman and Adam asked me questions about my experiences with LOC and how it had an impact on me.  I describes my experiences as fun and hard working.  My interviewer asked me questions about us passing out our surveys, the places we went to and how it worked out as a team. An important question that was asked was how did I feel about how we work as a team. This question wasn’t important to me because I got to speak about how I felt about my other team member. I was able to recognize the things that we needed to improve on working as a team. Another important question I was: “do you think that the information we collected was beneficial for our project that are putting together?”.  This question was important to me because I was able to reflect on the questions that we had  asked, and these questions are key to accomplishing our job goals of creating our powerpoint presentation.  Overall my interview went great, and I can’t wait for the next one, so that I can talk about all the wonderful things we have done with LOC.


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