Shamara Bell’s Week 3 Reflection

During Quantum Learning, my favorite activity was when we all had to write something on a little piece of paper about anything and putting it in a hat. We couldn’t put our names on the paper so that you wouldn’t know who wrote on the papers.Then we all had to stand up in a circle and the lady with the papers in the hat  had to say what someone had wrote. While we all standing in a big circle she would pull out the little piece of  paper and read what was on the paper. Anybody in the circle that thinks they feel the same way about something someone wrote would step forward and then return to their original spot and  then she would reads the next one.This was my favorite activity because it was shocking to see people stepping forward to different things. One things that many people had in common was that  someone they loved has died through violence. I think it was good to find out what people were holding back from, what they  wanted  us to know about them and seeing  a lot of people  having  something in common.


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