SSC Staff Team Building

With so many new faces in the SSC this school year, we decided to have a team building session during our lunch break to learn more about each other. We focused on learning more about each new person and learning makes them work effectively. After our discussion, Ms. Murray gave us an activity to help test our team building. We split up into two teams. Each team was given a marshmallow, a few pieces of spaghetti, a piece of string, and some tape and was told to build the tallest, standing tower in 20 minutes.

Team 1 (Ms. Berry, Ms. Moore, Ms. Overton, and Ms. Heffernan) came up with an idea and immediately started building what we thought was successful. Team 2 (Ms. Hubbard, Ms. Ferguson, and Ms. Bourret) didn’t jump at the gun and came up with a few different ideas before they started building. Eventually, they built a tower that was more successful than Team 1’s because they came up with various different scenarios before building. Team 1, on the other hand, just continued to try to change their original idea to make it more successful, but the tower didn’t stay standing. At the end of the time, Team 2’s tower was standing strong, where Team 1’s tower fell as soon as it was let go. The lesson of the activity was: the first idea, isn’t always the best idea.

Can you think of a time when your first idea, wasn’t always the best idea?
Have you had the chance to meet our new staff members?
If not, come visit us in the new SSC (the old STEAM pod)!

Ms. Moore showing off the less successful tower.


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