Penn Presbyterian Interns


Seen here are Monique G., Teonna P., Ms. Murray, and Vakeisha L.

After a fall of recruitment and paperwork, our PYN WorkReady Interns have been placed and now working at sites around the city. This year, we are excited to have a new partnership with Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. Monique G., Vakeisha L., Lynnae M. & Teonna P. are our four interns who have been placed and are excited to learn about the medical profession! Check out what our interns had to say about what they hope to learn and gain from their experience at Penn Presbyterian.

Monique G. : “When I think of my internship at Penn Presbyterian, I can vision a lifetime of great opportunities. Being able to work around nurses, and different health fields would give me a better understanding of medical care.”

Vakeisha L.: “I’m interested working for Penn Presbyterian because I planned on becoming a registered nurse in the future. Working at Penn Presbyterian will give me insight on what type of people I have to work with… It will also help me gain more requirements and experience to become a registered nurse.”

Lynnae M.: “I will be able to gain many skills and learn various things able working in the
health field… I hope to attain a career in the medical field after this internship. I know that I will excel in the program.”

Teonna P.: “I’m interested in working for Penn Presbyterian because I would like to further my experience in health care. I’m hoping to learn more about working in the medical helping people, so that I can use it later on in life.”


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