Ms. Stone gives college advice to seniors choosing colleges

Ms. Stone is the Upper Grades Academy counselor.  Marissa Herring (Class of 2012) interviewed her, and Ms. Stone answered some questions for us:

1.  What advice can you give seniors who have gotten into more than one school, and have to make a choice between them?

Ms. Stone stated that seniors need to look at the cost of the school.  Students should ask themselves:   Is it affordable?  How much grant money and scholarships will I receive?

She also said that seniors need to look at the location of the school:  Is it local, or far away?  Where do I want to be?
Lastly, Ms. Stone said that class size will impact how well students will be able to learn.  Students should ask:  Are the class sizes big or small?  What do I think I will need to be succesful?
2.  What three recommendations can you give the seniors choosing colleges right now?
  •  Seniors should make sure that the major that they are interested is at the school
  • Seniors should consider the cost of tuition.
  • Seniors should consider the location of the institution.
Article by Ashlyn Bolger, UCHS Jaguars Class of 2014

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