About The Student Success Center

The Student Success Center

The goal of Philadelphia’s Student Success Centers (SSC) is to better coordinate college, career, and social support services within neighborhood high schools. SSCs take a holistic approach to guiding students in creating a postsecondary plans, and providing corresponding services and resources to help them to achieve their educational goals and career aspirations. Our work is organized around two main outcomes: college and career readiness and college and career transitions.  The menu of services offered by each SSC focus on five primary areas:
  1. College preparation and awareness
  2. Career exploration and exposure
  3. Academic supports
  4. Leadership development
  5. Social support

Each SSC in Philadelphia is located in a dedicated space within its school and provides services that are intended to support each school in increasing the number of students who identify meaningful aspirations, graduate from high school, enroll in postsecondary institutions and/or occupational skill programs, and successfully enter the world of work following high school.