The Student Success Center (SSC) is one of the Netter Center for Community Partnerships’ university assisted community schools.  “University-assisted community schools educate, engage, empower, and serve all members of the community in which the school is located.”  Read more by clicking here.

The Student Success Center staff encourage students to pursue meaningful postsecondary education and careers, and to use their skills and accomplishments to positively engage communities.

Throughout the summer, a group of 40-60 interns conduct research to better understand the barriers that delay progress.  During the academic year, students are given access to programs, workshops and field trips designed to help students explore their interests, and develop the skills they need to pursue those interests professionally.

Since its first year at UCHS, the SSC has helped an average of 82% of the senior class graduate with postsecondary plans.  The Class of 2012, graduated with 149 college acceptances, and over $600,000 in scholarship and grant awards.  This year we celebrate several full scholarships including a Drexel Libery Scholars award offered to Tony Davis, who recently finished his first (summer) semester of college.

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