Summer 2012

Leaders of Change students rocking their fresh new t-shirts.  Who wants one?!

Leaders of Change students rocking their fresh new t-shirts. Who wants one?!

During the summer of 2012 , the 3rd year of Leaders of Change, 45 students began a journey to investigate the barriers to college access future first generation college students might encounter.  Our one goal was to offer three stakeholder groups (Educators & Mentors, Elementary School Students and Parents, and High School Seniors) a resource guide with key information each group could use to help address barriers to college access particularly among first generation college students.  We want our educators and mentors to be better advisors, and for our elementary youth to start earlier.  And we want our high school students to know that no matter how prepared they feel they are, they can still go to college.  “College may not be for everyone, but everyone has the right to choose.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, click on the following link:  LoC Staff handbook

To follow our work, the links below will take you to each team’s blog entries:

Educator Mentor
Street Team
Youth Mentor

Right now, Leaders of Change students are continuing to research issues in urban education in Mr. Schiera’s Contemporary Issues in Urban Education elective course, one of the University of PA’s Academically-Based Community Service courses facilitated by the Netter Center.


To get a quick peak at what we did in 2011, CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO!:  Leaders of Change:  Social and Educational Entrepreneurship



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